Julia Distelhurst, (LPMT, MT-BC, HPMT), is a Board-Certified, and licensed music therapist in the state of Georgia, with the Hospice Palliative Music Therapy credential as well.  She is the founding Director of Under Musical Construction and Atlanta Music Therapy. Known internationally for her expertise in music therapy and music-centered wellness, she is a graduate of Florida State University.

She established the first private music therapy agency in Georgia.  At the time of its inception, Under Musical Construction was one of five music therapy agencies in the country.  Ms. Distelhurst has over 30 years of clinical experience in early intervention, convalescent facilities, medical and psychiatric hospitals, hospices, correctional facilities, community service boards and schools.

She has served in the capacity of clinical therapist, lecturer, internship supervisor, mentor, teacher, and developer of music enrichment and music therapy programs for schools, clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and individuals. As a Music Therapy Consultant for music enrichment, she has implemented, and maintained quality music programs to hundreds of young children in the metropolitan area of Atlanta since the mid 80’s.   Her name is synonymous with music as a provider to corporate childcare schools in Atlanta.

Her work and research with children adopted from Romania, led to her development of the curriculum, “Tickles, Giggles, and Lullabies”™ “Rockin’ Rattles, and Baby Bottles”™ She holds the trademark and patent on this body of work through her research and development, as a curriculum to enhance the precursor skills for language development.  The foundation of this curriculum is the use of music as the therapeutic tool for success.

Ms. Distelhurst was the first appointed director and team leader for music camps for Friends in the West, African Children’s Choir, in Kampala, Uganda.  Her leadership debut in this capacity led to the beginning of Music for Life with this organization.  She served as music therapist for PEOTSI, the National Autism Program of the Year (2005)-Autism Society of America.

Published Articles

“Music: A Look at the Possibilities as a Therapy”
Publication: Childcare and Schools Research Guide 

“Music for the Post Institutionalized Child”
Publication: Childcare and Schools Research Guide

“Music Therapy”
Publication: Childcare and Schools Research Guide

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