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“Tickles, Giggles and Lullabies”®

“ Rockin’, Rattles and Baby Bottles”®

“Before there are words, in the world of a newborn, there are sounds.”
– Your Child’s Brain by Sharon Begley

Research shows that the ability to drop the jaw, maintain eye contact, move the tongue and initiate “turn-taking” in conversation are skills paramount to language production in an infant. In this program, these precursor skills are encouraged by musical interaction between parent, baby, and instructor.

This holistic and family centered curriculum addresses cognitive, language, and socio-emotional functioning through singing, instrument playing, fingerplays designed to connect the parent and baby, and more. Led by a board-certified music therapist, the course is specifically designed to address all babies as individuals and cater to their individual needs and skill levels.

Non-musical goals that will be achieved
through music:

  • Socialization – taking turns, sharing, peer interaction
  • Motor – exploration of body/space, development of quality of movement, mirroring/copying of others, development of body rhythm, eye-foot coordination, and eye-hand coordination
  • Language – exposure to rhythm and accent of words, receptive “new” words, expressive words, breath control, quality of voice, verbal initiation of communication
  • Visual – eye contact with others, visual awareness and discrimination, focus and ocular control
  • Auditory – awareness of sound, localizing sound (recognizing where the sound is coming from)

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Authored & Developed Curriculum - Infants to 15 Months

“Tickles, Giggles and Lullabies”® “ Rockin’, Rattles and Baby Bottles”®, The use of music to enhance the acquisition of skills needed for language production and development.  Granted a U.S. Patent and Trademark Registration of both curricula. (Trademark is current.)

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