Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Experience the uplifting power and fun of Corporate Team Building through rhythm! Under Musical Construction and Atlanta Music Therapy offer a variety of services to business owners and managers to assist in team building. The application of music and rhythm can be fun, engaging, and build camaraderie among peers in the workplace.

Choose from the following:

Music with a Purpose

Successfully creates music together as a corporate group.Synergy, camaraderie and increased well-being are the result!The music inspires team members to create a community of like-minded souls.

How does it work?

The Music engages your team in interventions designed to:

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Improve teamwork decision making
  • Improve morale
  • Develop group cohesion to improve productivity

Your team will be engaged in music-based experiences including drums, song writing, and musical play. Workshops last for 2-3 hours depending on needs of the team. No musical experience is needed!!!

“In a band, people have to work together, to be part of a team,
just like in business.”
– Will Schmid from “Music Strikes a Brainy Chord” by Bill Hendrick

Drum Circles with a Purpose

Consider scheduling a drum circle for your next staff in-service or conference. For fun, energy and insightful interactions, drums and percussive instruments set the stage for impromptu camaraderie! Be a part of one powerful voice created from many.

How does it work?

Playful rhythmic games allow individuals to participate freely what they feel, rather than over thinking how it should be done. Drum Circles are spontaneous jam sessions!

Drum Circles provide a safe and interactive place where participants:

  • Have fun!
  • Celebrate
  • Experience cross-cultural communication
  • Become an important member of the community at-hand
  • Reduces job burnout and exhaustion
  • Boost the immune system


“The Drum Circle is not a professional ensemble, nor is it really about music, but rather a group of friends having a rhythm party.”

– Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead Drummer

Our drum circles produce spontaneous fun for all participants with cooperation and collaboration creating a common bond.

Choosing a Team Building experience that increases recognition for you as a caring employer and community citizen, while improving productivity and cooperation is a WIN-WIN!

All abilities are welcome as we connect to the universal language of rhythm known as the “mother tongue”!

Drum Circles meet for 90 minutes.

Need a more lengthy retreat? Combine Music with a Purpose and Drum Circles with a Purpose for a full day of musical joy!

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