Programs & Presentations

“Musical Vignettes of our Inner Child: Heart Strings to Our Past” ©
First presented at Southeastern Music Therapy Conference at Georgia College and State University.

Music has provided a roadmap upon which each of us travel our lives. When we hear songs from our childhood, we are connected to those who were our “first loves” and caregivers. The strings of melodies hold memories that become the milestones of a life well lived. Whether a lullaby, Pomp and Circumstance, wedding march, or funeral processional……we all live by a musical stream of memories.

“Music Therapy, What it is and How it is Used” ©
Presented at Rider University at Westminster Choir College & Princeton University. Presented through collaborative Saturday Seminar for Adult Learners.

Using the therapeutic tool of music as an alternative and holistic approach to healing and health. This course will explore the blending of art and science from a mere “universal language” to the medicinal cures of the next generation. Music Therapy. Is it art or medicine?

“Lullabies, Nursery Rhymes, Music Old and New” ©
Presented to Atlanta Young Child Symposium

Each of us as adults live a musical ensemble in the making since birth.  The opening notes of a lullaby sung by our mother, or the simple playground chants we shared with a best friend both quickly transport us to an earlier stage of life. Hearing a theme song from a movie or the words of a long ago love song, immediately bring emotions to the surface, and connect us to our memory bank. Our lives are music- themed, and hold for us the keys to connections.

“Communicaring: An Artful Skill – Talking to Small Children” ©
Presented at Downs Society of Atlanta

Additional Topics

“Tackle Difficult Emotions”

Women’s First Speaker Event-Northside Hospital

“Music Impact on Human Anatomy”

Nursing Department Kennesaw State University

“Making Music Successful in the Early Childhood Classroom”

Rider University at Westminster Choir College & Princeton University presented through collaborative Saturday Seminar for Adult Learners

“Music Therapy in Private Practice”

Presented to Georgia Chapter of Music Therapists

“Conducting the Ensemble: Owners of Music Therapy Agencies Speak Out”

Presented at National Music Therapy Convention, Houston, Texas

“Puppies, Plates, and Puppets”

Video presentation/in-house for Scottish Rite- Children’s Healthcare

“Music Therapy as an Alternative Modality”

Presented on local Atlanta PBS station on segment titled “Your Health Today”

“Special Learners and Music”

Presented Columbus College, Music Department

“Recreational and Instructional Options for Children and Youth with Disabilities”

Presented to Athens Music Teachers Association

“Music Speaks to Me”

Presented at Kindermusik National Convention, Ashville, N.C.

“Sensory Defensiveness and How It Impacts Our Lives”

Presented at Therapy on the Square Town Hall Meeting, Marietta, Georgia

“Options in Music for Young Children”

Presented to Montgomery, AL Teachers Forum

“Music Experiences to Facilitate Language”

Presented at Kindermusik National Convention, Chicago, Illinois

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